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Sonic and kids games again
So lately with the news of Sonic boom and it's leaked videos, one thing a lot of people still fuss over is the tone, and much of it being about the jokes and bringing up which audience the game is made for, many people saying Sonic games are for kids, but I really see a big problem here as many people don't even know what Sonic was made for and only go off their own opinion, much of it influenced by their own hate for the "dark age" of Sonic games(and usually coming after cartoons, usually anything not AOSTH or Japanese, as well as the comics). For one, the original creator of Sonic said he saw Sonic as more of a mature character. In time, when Sonic was made into a nameless tech demo, it was Tom Kalinske who saw the game and said that he should be used as a mascot, can be used to go up against Nintendo, and be bundled with lower priced Sega Genesis units, and Sega of Japan actually disagreed with him, but his boss told him just to do what he was hired to do, and if he thinks that's wh
:icondj-vgamer:DJ-VGamer 13 35
Sonic and other anthro characters taken seriously
It's been sometime since the guys at Sonic Dissected talked about Sonic 06 on part 10(Youtube), and one thing that popped up on the video was a discussion about a reucrring argument that anthro characters can't be taken seriously, even though they are taken seriously with most people. If anything, the real question is not exactly why anthro characters can't be taken seriously, but who are those who do or don't want to take them seriously.
Let's look at Ratchet and Clank for instance. Alot of times where I looked at videos for R&C: All 4 one and I checked the comments, a lot of people actually complained that the game was too light hearted and they wanted them to have a better story like the past gamea again. There wasn't anyone going "Oh it's for kids" or "Ratchet is a yellow cat alien so it's not serious", anything to silence the complaints. Yeah, there were people who posted that they liked the game, main thing was that the game was too light hearted, a complete contrast to what you
:icondj-vgamer:DJ-VGamer 4 18
Why Nintendo fans are generalized
Just as a declaimer, this article is not directed at all Nintendo fans, mainly the fanboys.
Quite often when I say something about Nitnendo fans, I'm usually criticized as generalizing, but points of the generlization still stands. Many Nintendo fans, mainly the fanboys, come off as hive minded to a high degree, all having the same attitudes and attacking anyone who disagree's with them. A lot of times, people talk about how you can win with Sonic fans or make comments about the fanbase, but a lot of the fanbase are Nintendo fanboys, so you really have 2 different groups, and that before you even get into all the other groups in the fanbase. Quite often, many of these Nintendo fanboys also take their preference in games, usually the same things, often light hearted and nearly childish games or other media, to a high degree, which makes people judge them as man-children or not able to take seriously. It's not so much about what you like so much, it just makes it easier to identify them,
:icondj-vgamer:DJ-VGamer 8 38
Super Smash Wars - Title and Select by DJ-VGamer Super Smash Wars - Title and Select :icondj-vgamer:DJ-VGamer 5 17
Sonic is for kids, but what does it mean really?
Many Sonic and Nintendo fanboys will tell you Sonic games are for kids, in order to justify any complaints made about them being too kiddy or light hearted. Ok then, let's say if this was true, then I would have to ask: When did making games for kids mean they had to exactly light hearted in tone with no serious or dark elements to balance it's tone. Keep in mind that the archie comics themselves come under fire for the same reasons. People, let me bring up from the Worst Fanbase article on why Sonic was designed the way he was:
"While the game was made to showcase the speed of the Genesis, the character was made to appeal to a wide demographic. If SEGA was to compete with the well known Mario franchise, they’d need to play hardball. As such, they designed Sonic to be “cool” and took this goal very seriously. Knowing full well that what’s “cool” in one country might not be “cool” in another, SEGA of Japan worked closely with SEGA of Ameri
:icondj-vgamer:DJ-VGamer 27 26
Sensible Sonic Posts 4
Another Sonic fan who speak the truth! Because the comment I wanna post was a response to another comment, I'll post that one first:
Chris K.
Posted November 28, 2013 at 1:58 AM
Maybe the company just weren’t prepared for the cost of developing a game on the new consoles and had to go cheap to try and find a way to save up cash.
Fans barely buy Sonic games no matter what console they are on nowadays, with only a select few games gaining any major profit.
The fan base rarely grows, sometimes shrinks and takes some time for that shrink to return if it does…
Bring more people in and make them fans and help make them spend money on Sonic titles and you will get the big budget game you want.
Until then shut up and take what you get. Give table scraps to SEGA, get the same in return. More money can’t be spent if it isn’t given and fans provide enough cash for basically, if not barely enough development for PS2 and Wii quality Sonic titles. -_-
:icondj-vgamer:DJ-VGamer 2 1
Sensible Sonic Posts 3
Back on the TSSZ joint, another user came up with some good points:
Posted November 22, 2013 at 1:47 AM
The most annoying thing anybody’s ever said about Sonic is that it’s “for kids”. You know, like that’s supposed to mean something…
Sonic isn’t “for kids”. It’s for an everyone audience. Which means it just has to be acceptable for kids. And it always has been. If a person is old enough to even play a video game at all, then they can handle anything Sonic’s ever done.
But even following the logic that Sonic is “for kids”… why are we making games like Colors and Generations? Kids don’t like games like that. People who USED to be kids do.
Kids aren’t too dumb to know that if they get a game called “Sonic: Lost World” for Christmas, they got screwed. Especially when they watch their older siblings unwrapping games like Mass Effect, Halo, or Ass
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Egg Carrier (Sonic 06) by jebo14 Egg Carrier (Sonic 06) :iconjebo14:jebo14 73 12 Happy Valentines day by Tamaytka Happy Valentines day :icontamaytka:Tamaytka 162 9 Daily sketch - N01 by PezAdriArts Daily sketch - N01 :iconpezadriarts:PezAdriArts 16 7 [ArtTrade] Lola by Phobos-Romulus [ArtTrade] Lola :iconphobos-romulus:Phobos-Romulus 160 27 Orion by X-Darkvid-X Orion :iconx-darkvid-x:X-Darkvid-X 19 27 Jago (Killer Instinct XBOX) by SpideyHog Jago (Killer Instinct XBOX) :iconspideyhog:SpideyHog 60 16 Sprite: TRSFMS - Optimus by DanielMatheus Sprite: TRSFMS - Optimus :icondanielmatheus:DanielMatheus 17 7 Hey Neo why haven't you posted anything in a while by Neo-Fire-Sonic Hey Neo why haven't you posted anything in a while :iconneo-fire-sonic:Neo-Fire-Sonic 3 0 Power Suited Warriors -Samus- by ShoNuff44 Power Suited Warriors -Samus- :iconshonuff44:ShoNuff44 280 57 Group1 by AdamBryceThomas Group1 :iconadambrycethomas:AdamBryceThomas 44 3 :Icon Commission: Pantz's Blocking Attack by Wastelands-Knight :Icon Commission: Pantz's Blocking Attack :iconwastelands-knight:Wastelands-Knight 17 6 King of Fighters Redux: Oswald by digitalninja King of Fighters Redux: Oswald :icondigitalninja:digitalninja 335 36 Battletoads by Khary Randolph by AshcanAllstars Battletoads by Khary Randolph :iconashcanallstars:AshcanAllstars 118 7 Gaming Heroes That Time Forgot by ProfessorMegaman Gaming Heroes That Time Forgot :iconprofessormegaman:ProfessorMegaman 105 31 symbiote with a mouth by Ryan-Renders symbiote with a mouth :iconryan-renders:Ryan-Renders 113 6 Maximum Crossover Combination (SonicXKOF C. 5) by Fireclaw-the-cat Maximum Crossover Combination (SonicXKOF C. 5) :iconfireclaw-the-cat:Fireclaw-the-cat 19 20


Super Universe Brawl
Another mod I've been working on lately. The purpose of this mod is to make a singular place where I work on many of my different projects all at once. More info and the download can be found here.…

One important thing is the game in the bottom right shot, called Beast Mode, which was also added to this. It's a mod that's intended to take elements from Pokemon and Digimon, but the trainers fight alongside the Beasts, such as in Azure Dreams and Monster tale, as well as elements from River School Ransom. My original post for this game is here, though it's now features in SUB so there's no need to use the download link I posted here:…


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^I really think this is my best Demotivator, it says a lot about our fanbase.

Anyway, I came across this article that I think many Sonic fans should read:…




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